Level check

Which class should I choose?

We use class names like Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced and Advanced in order to find a preliminary grouping. It is important to note though, that these levels are relative levels. Whether a dancer is classified as a "good Intermediate" or a "newly Intermediate/Advanced" depends to a strong part also on the other participants.

At the beginning of our camp, we will do a level check with experienced teachers in all classes. Thereby we want to assure that the camp offers an optimal learning environment for all participants. We reserve the right to suggest participants to other classes, if necessary.

You can help us a lot though by thinking about your own dancing abilities and your expectations of the camp, and answer the following questions for yourself:

1. How proficient am I?

This question is probably the most difficult one, since proficiency cannot be measured solely by years of dancing. The intensity, your goals and your speed of learning have to be factored in as well. And what does proficiency mean anyway? Is it enough to have somewhat understood the steps? Or does it include being able to dance the move with different partners so that it feels clear and nice to them as well...?

Especially in the beginning, one tends to overestimate one's abilities, since often one does not grasp the extent of what is yet unknown. Best you read the descriptions of the expected moves in detail, and reflect if you are really fine with dancing them with different partners at different tempi confidently. We also encourage you to ask for feedback from your dancing partners.

2. What are my goals?

Try to figure out if you want to intensively hone your technique or if the fun of new figures is most important for you.

The BB-Dancecamp offers different class formats to accomodate these options:

  • In Boogie Woogie you should deliberate if you want to challenge your boundaries in a higher class, or if you want to select a lower level to concentrate on the details.
  • In Lindy Hop, besides the above, there are even two completely different formats, depending on your focus: In Lindy Intensive, you will be working on your technique intensively all day long for three days, and should bring with you the necessary attitude, energy and drive. In Lindy Open – which we offer in two different levels – the focus is on new moves and inspiration.

In any case, you will learn a lot in any class!

3. Where am I in comparison to the others?

In couple dances like Boogie Woogie and Lindy Hop, the respect towards other dancers is paramount – this also includes being honest to yourself and acknowledging your weaknesses. For everyone to reach their goal to move forward with their dancing skills and to have fun, it is important to us that the classes are harmonious.

The abilities of our participants are different every year. For this reason, it is perfectly possible that you have classified into the same level several years in a row, and still feel challenged. Our experienced teachers can cater to the participants and make sure that the camp is a great experience for everyone.

We as organisers look forward to a pleasant camp with a lot of exhilerating experiences for everyone in great quality and intensity.

In case you have any questions regarding your class level, please don't hesitate to contact the BBDC Team.

Which levels are offered?

We offer tracks for the following levels. Unfortunately, we do not offer any classes for beginners at BB-DanceCamp.

Boogie block classes
Intermediate/ Advanced
Boogie competition class
Ballroom dancers
Only after personal notification
Lindy Open
Intermediate/ Advanced
Lindy Intensive
Intermediate/ Advanced
Special classes
Mixed levels
Suitable for Intermediate and above

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