Lindy Hop classes

BB-DanceCamp's concept for success

We offer two different tracks, depending on what you want to take away from the BB-DanceCamp:

  • You want to work intensively, sweat and hone your technique for 3 days? Then Lindy Intensive is just right for you. This track is only recommended for intermediate/advanced level and above.
  • Is it more important for you to try out new things, have fun and enjoy the variety of the BBDC? Then we recommend Lindy Open.

Lindy Open

Concept You already know a little Lindy and want to take away as many new ideas as possible? You just have fun with social dance? You are attending a dance camp for the first time? Then this open Lindy class is just right for you!
Focus Figures
Level Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced
Requirements Swing Out, Lindy Turn, Lindy Circle, Side-by-side Charleston, Hand-to-hand Charleston, Tuck Turn, Pass. You have mastered these basic figures, you can dance them fluently at a comfortable tempo (up to approx. 160 bpm) in various combinations with different partners, and you have fun doing it.

Lindy Intensive

Concept Lindy Intensive classes are for Lindy Hop dancers from Intermediate/Advanced level who would like to spend three days really intensively honing their technique. The focus is on refining one's own dance technique. An important component is a lot of space for independent practice and personal feedback. Therefore, we recommend that you concentrate entirely on the course and not take part in special courses and tasters.
Focus Technique
Level Intermediate/Advanced and Advanced
Requirements To participate in the Lindy Intensive classes, you must be able to dance all common 6-count and 8-count basic figures, including the Charleston, technically correctly and fluently with different partners, even at a fast tempo. There will also be a level check at the beginning of the camp.

Lindy Intensive – Topics in 2023

All three topics are taught in each of the Lindy Intensive classes, but on different days.

Lindy Hop Smooth Style

You would like to enrich your movement portfolio? Discover new and completely different style elements. Then this track is just right for you. This swing dance style is closely associated with the name Jean Veloz, a swing legend who unfortunately left us this year. Watch the video to get an impression of the style:

Teachers: Fancy und Blake

The Magic of Dance Communication

This class will look at different possibilities of "connection and communication" between follower and leader. It is also about musicality and commonalities in music interpretation, without neglecting individual expression and interpretation. A core topic for social dance!

Teachers: Nikoleta und Ron

Lindy Slow

Due to the excellent feedback, we are revisiting this topic this year. In these classes we will look at different techniques, styles and movements that are especially helpful for dancing to slow music.

Teachers: Larissa und Heiko

Level check

Are you unsure which level to choose? Here are a few things you might want to consider.

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