Special classes

The BB-DanceCamp is a good opportunity to try out more "exceptional" things. That's why we offer 1-day classes that focus on a special topic or another swing dance. Each special class takes place on a different day and can be freely combined with any other class.

Aerials, Baby Acrobatics (Saturday)

Im Lindy Hop gab es bereits sehr früh die sogenannten Air Steps, im Boogie in Europa körpernahe Akrobatik - auch inspiriert durch den Rock’n’Roll. Aerials sind bei sehr guten Tänzern das Tüpfelchen auf dem i, vor allem bei Showauftritten. In diesem Spezialkurs werden Grundtechniken erarbeitet und Figuren vermittelt.

PLEASE NOTE: Aerials require a good and healthy physical constitution. They also do not belong in social dance, as they are too dangerous for that!

For safety reasons, participation is only possible in pairs, and the number of participants is limited to 25 couples.

Collegiate Shag Intensive (Saturday)

Watch a Collegiate Shag show

In the special class for Shag dancers from Intermediate level, we will work on different basics, breaks and figures that will help you timprove your technique and find or develop your own style.

Solo Jazz (Sunday)

No dance style connects individual dancers with music more than jazz. While most people think of Shorty George, SuzyQ or Charleston variations when talking about Solo Jazz, it offers so much more – individuality and a sense of rhythm. We will work with you on basic jazz steps and their use in the music, so that you can make them your own. After hte class, you can also develop your own open side-by-side figures.

Balboa Intensive (Sunday)

You have mastered a number of advanced Balboa figures at high tempo and have a good flow and connection with your dance partner. You now want to delve deeper into technical intricacies, musicality, and more complex variations.