How do I find the right charge for me?

You can register either for all three days or for single days of BB-DanceCamp. The number of single day slots is limited.

Want to register for a single day? First write an email to our mail.gif registration office. An online registration is not possible. Price information single day.

Please use our online booking system if you want to register for all three days of classes.

Scale of charges (three days of classes):

  • early bird
  • regular
  • lazy bird

The early bird gets the worm. Register and complete your booking during the first span of time and you profit from the early bird prices. Early bird price is valid for couple and single bookings.

Later on you'll pay regular price and during the last span of registration time you pay the lazy bird price. It's crucial when you complete your booking. Please inform yourself about our prices and waves of registration.

Discount conditions:

  • Boogie-Bären member
  • Youngsters/Students
  • Kidz
  • Volunteers

Detailed information can be found on our BBDC discount website.

How do I register as a volunteer?

Helping out at the BB-DanceCamp is fun and worth it! If you’re willing to take on a job on one of the camp days you get the other two days for just 85 euros! Please fill in our helpers’ questionnaire before signing up for the camp.

For detailed information, please visit this page: Volunteering at BB-DanceCamp

Is it possible to register as a single dancer?

Yes, you can register without a partner, but not for the Aerial track (for security reasons).

But - to be able to guarantee a high level learning experience for everyone, we will only accept a few extra followers for every class.  If you want to make sure that you can participate, please sign up with a partner.

You will be changing partners during the classes, as it is common in the Swing scene.

Can I book single days at the BBDC?

Yes, of course. Please select "1-day-workshop" in the registration form.

Information about prices and conditions can be found here

Will there be beginners classes?

BBDC does not offer classes to absolute beginners. Participants in Lindy as well as in Boogie Woogie should at least be at intermediate level.

Please see detailed level descriptions here:

Classes Boogie Woogie

Classes Lindy Hop

Can I register after registration is closed?

Attendance after the registration is closed is only possible in exceptional cases and means extra overhead. Hence it will be charged in addition.

Can I visit the BBDC as a guest?

We are happy about everybody who is interested in the BBDC. Please go to the treception desk in the foyer first. Access to the camp site is allowed only with a valid guest pass. The general terms and conditions also apply to guests.

Part of the classes can be watched from a gallery. Taking part in the classes is not possible without an official BBDC registration, however. Taking pictures or videos is not allowed, except for the official foto team.

The Shops and the Swing-Diele are open for every guest.

I only want to buy party tickets for the evening...

No problem. For purchasing party tickets click on Registation/Evening Tickets:

Evening Tickets

How do I pay?

You will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of your registration and the payment request. All important information concerning payments will be in this e-mail.

When will I receive a confirmation slip for my camp registration?

Once you have successfully completed the online registration form, you will receive a confirmatory e-mail. This e-mail is no formal confirmation slip, it simply attests that your registration has been received and is being processed.

Our registration office will check, if there is an available spot for you. In case there is still a free spot you'll get a confirmation email with payment information.

After the amount is placed to our account you'll get an confirmation e-mail.

After registration is closed, you'll get a final confirmation and a formal invoice  we'll send collected to all camp participants.

How do I find out whether my money has been successfully transferred?

When we have received your payment on our account you'll get a confirmation e-mail.

My personal data has changed. Who do I need to inform?

You can change your data yourself: Log in and click on your name in the right upper corner. You can also change your password there.

Can I cancel my registration?

Cancellations have to be done in written form. Information about terms and conditions can be found in our legal business terms.

Post your cancellation to

Boogie-Bären e.V. München
Gneisenaustraße 16
80992 München