It's never too early for the BB-DanceCamp!

That's why the BB-DanceCamp has its own Kidz-Programme for children and youths. The participants receive at least three dance lessons per day on musicality, boogie woogie, lindy hop and other dances from really good teachers. In addition, there is a leisure programme organised by experienced volunteers, which includes fun and games, camping, barbecues and more. In the evening, the participants can join us at the parties.

A highlight is the choreography, that is rehearsed during the lessons and then performed at the party on Sunday.

Young competitive dancers also have the opportunity to take part in the leisure programme while attending the classes for competitive dancers. If you are interested, please contact Katrin Kerber:


Time frame

The Kidz Programme runs from Saturday morning to Monday afternoon, parallel to the adult camp. The daily schedule is completely planned and the participants are looked after around the clock.


The programme is designed for children and younths aged approx. 7-14 years. It is important that the children are already somewhat independent.


Participation costs only €99 for 3 days and includes dance lessons, overnight stay in the tent, breakfast, lunch, and the party on Sunday. Tickets for the party on Saturday cost €10 and have to be booked separately. You can also purchase a camp t-shirt for €10 additionally.


A little dance experience wouldn't hurt. However, we are happy to welcome any child who would like to join us. We will adapt the programme to the abilities of the participants. And of course the fun is in the foreground.


The programme is supervised by volunteers from the Boogie-Bären München e.V. and other clubs who have experience in dealing with children and have been accompanying the Kidz programme for many years. All supervisors must present a certificate of good conduct from the police.


There is the possibility of camping on the camp site together with the Kidz Programme's volunteers and the other participants of the programme.


Breakfast and lunch are included. Evening meals have to be paid extra.

...and after the camp?

The Boogie-Bären have a Kidz Class for children and youths. We look forward to seeing you there!

Kidz Performances


If you have any questions, you can contact our Kidz Coordinator Dieter Johns via e-mail at