Sportzentrum (Hungersbachweg 1, Landsberg am Lech)

Friday Hop

We open the BB-DanceCamp with our Friday Hop in the swing hall. Here you can dance your way in, get to know your teachers and dance partners and get into the BBDC feeling.

Admission free


8.45 - 9.30 p.m. DJ music in the Swing-Diele
9.30 - 10.30 p.m. Talk on Friday with Tami & Erin Stevens in the Swing-Diele
From 10.30 p.m. DJ music in the Swing-Diele

Talk on Friday

We are super excited to have very special guests to talk to about the history of Swing dance during the Friday Hop: Erin and Tami Stevens! If you ever heard about the “rebirth” of Lindy Hop in the 80ies and wondered how that came about, well, Erin was the one who looked up Frankie Manning’s number in the phone book in 1986 and got him back into the swing dance scene (thus helping to ignite the 2nd Era of Swing that we are now all part of). In the 90ies, Erin also made some instructional videos together with Frankie, and they often taught together. So if you ever wanted to hear some first hand stories about some of the greatest legends of Swing dance, you should not miss this chance!

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