Sportzentrum (Hungerbachweg 1, Landsberg am Lech)

Shake That Rhythm Night



8 p.m. Doors open
8.30 p.m. Mix&Match competition Boogie Woogie Preliminaries (Meetup at 8 p.m. in Hall 3)
9 p.m. Official opening
9.45 p.m. Show acts
10.45 p.m. Mix&Match competition Boogie Woogie Finals
1 a.m. Afterparty in the Swing-Diele

Live band: Jumpin'up

The Jumpin'up is a all Italian eight piece band. Most of the players used to play Rock 'n' Roll, Jive and Rhythm and Blues. The Band formed in 2005 with the aim to recreate the original hot sound of fourties and fifties tunes from jump blues to swing, rhythm & blues and jive. Talented singer and the skilled players, double bass, guitar, trumpet, tenor and baritone saxophones, piano, drums join together in an exciting jumpin live act that with the help of their warm sun of mother land "Sicily" makes the coldest locations really HOT!!!

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Mix&Match competition Boogie Woogie

In Mix & Match competitions (formerly also: Jack & Jill), the dance partners are drawn by lot directly before the tournament. No choreographies are performed, but all random pairs dance simultaneously, similar to social dancing, while being observed by the jury. Apart from dance technique and timing, teamwork and creativity will be judged.

To register, you do not need to bring a partner. You don't need any experience in competitions either – even if you are at Intermediate/Advanced level, you can still take part. It's all about having fun and the excitement of dancing and improvising with (probably) unknown dance partners in front of an audience to unknown music. A Mix & Match competition is also a great opportunity if you would like to get a taste of competing without too much pressure.


The preliminary round for the Boogie Mix&Match will take place at 8.30 p.m. We will meet at 8 p.m. in Hall 3. You will dance with 3 different dance partners at medium tempo, with all dance couples dancing at the same time. Each dancer will be judged individually. You can therefore get to the finals independently of your dance partners.


The 12 finalists (6 leaders and 6 followers) will dance to 3 songs in different tempos (slow, medium, and fast) performed by our live band during the party. Each follower will draw a leader by lot for the finals. You dance the complete final round with this partner. The couple will be judged as a whole. So it's not just the individual performance that counts, but also what you make of the dance as a couple.


Great prizes await 1st-3rd places, such as free workshop tickets for BBDC 2024, Crazy Cup, RTSF, and more.


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Feel free to contact in case of questions.

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