Vintage Market

In our Vintage Market you will find a large selection of dance shoes, dance fashion and accessories for your original outfit of the 30s-50s.

Do you have a shop for vintage items and would like to exhibit at the BBDC? Please contact us at

Exhibitors in 2023

Saint Savoy dance shoes

Inspired by vintage styles, Saint Savoy is continually reinventing traditional shoes with custom soles and heels to make them ideal for dancing and everyday use.


FITORFUN Dancewear

At FITORFUN you will find authentic women's and men's outfits, accessories and comfortable dance shoes.

H.K. Mandel Creative Fashion for Men

H. K. Mandel offers designer shirts and pleated trousers in timeless style for every figure type and every occasion.

Vecona Vintage

Inspired by the fashion of the 1920ies to 40ies Vecona Vintage combines former glamour with the wear comfort of modern textiles. High class materials and accurate craftsmanship make every item become a very personal piece of fashion history you´ll take much pleasure in for sure.

Dance Towels

With Dance Towels you replace your ordinary towel a with a premium microfiber towel that looks elegant, absorbs more and dries faster. This way, you will stay dry and your dance partners will stay happy.


You want to spice up your outfit with a special headdress? At Kopfgeschichten you can get fashionable hats and hair accessories in the style of the 30s-50s. Learn more on Facebook, or Instagram. You can also get exclusive hair accessories by Saskia Loder here.