Welcome to the BB-DanceCamp

The BB-DanceCamp is one of the oldest swing dance camps in Europe. It has been held at Whitsun in Landsberg am Lech, Germany, for over 35 years. The next BB-DanceCamp is on May 17-20, 2024.

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Talk on Friday with Tami & Erin Stevens

We are super excited to have very special guests to talk to about the history of Swing dance during the Friday Hop: Erin and Tami Stevens! If you ever heard about the “rebirth” of Lindy Hop in the 80ies and wondered how that came about, well, Erin was the one who looked up Frankie Manning’s number in the phone book in 1986 and got him back into the swing dance scene (thus helping to ignite the 2nd Era of Swing that we are now all part of). In the 90ies, Erin also made some instructional videos together with Frankie, and they often taught together. So if you ever wanted to hear some first hand stories about some of the greatest legends of Swing dance, you should not miss this chance!

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Mix & Match-Turnier: Boogie Meets Lindy


NEW: This time we mix Boogie and Lindy dancers!

Since the concept of the Lindy Mix&Match 2023 was so well received, we are going one step further this year! We're not only mixing amateurs and professionals, but also styles (Boogie Woogie and Lindy Hop)! Who dares?

Please register until Thursday, 16 May 2024, via this registration form. Registration is also open to dancers who are not taking part in the workshops.

More on the competition format Mix & Match as well as the process here.

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🥗 Lunch Buffet – Feedback please!

In 2024, the new restaurant Offside at the Sportzentrum will offer a lunch buffet for only €17.90 per day and person (excl. drinks), which will hopefully satisfy all taste preferences:


  • Salad buffet with various dressings and toppings
  • Sweet potato lentil curry with rice (vegan)
  • Dumpling trio with butter and parmesan (vegetarian)
  • Beef roast with Bavarian pasta


  • Salad buffet with various dressings and toppings
  • Pasta with zucchini, bell pepper, and eggplant sauce (vegan)
  • Homemade cheese Bavarian pasta (vegetarian)
  • Pork roast with potato gratin

Wrist bands will be available from the host. To help him with planning, we kindly ask for your support! Please send us a brief, non-binding response via this form, to tell us if you would like to participate in the buffet, so we can "guestimate" the approximate number of people. Responses until May 8, 2024, would be very helpful! Thank you very much!

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