Info booklet for BBDC 2023

We are very happy that we get to spend three days and nights full of swing dances, music and partying with you. Thank you for taking part!

This page gives you all the important information you need for check-in and on site. You can download the info booklet as a PDF, or view it here on your smartphone.

General information

Code of Conduct

It is paramount to us that the BB-DanceCamp is a positive and safe space for all participants, where fun and enjoyment of the swing dances are in the foreground. We consider respectful and responsible behaviour towards each other to be a matter of course. We have summarised our understanding of this here. Should you become a victim or witness of verbal or physical violence, harassment or behaviour that endangers safety, please tell the Orga Team or any volunteer at any time or contact us at, so that we can help you and clarify the situation.


Our info-desk ("Infotheke") is located in the foyer of the Sportzentrum. We are happy to answer all questions you might have on the BBDC here. This is also where the check-in takes place. Opening hours will be published on a display right next to it.


To check in, just come to the info-desk and tell us your name. Please also bring your booking number just in case.

Check-in times are as follows:

  • Friday: 5-11 p.m.
  • Saturday: 8-9.15 a.m.
  • Sunday and Monday: 9.30-10.15 a.m.

Identification / participant ID

At the check-in, you will receive wristbands, which are your identification at BB-DanceCamp. Please wear your wristband visibly at all times. You will not be allowed to participate in the classes without!

Participants below 18 years of age

Please bring a signed declaration from your guardian allowing you to participate. Without such a declaration we are unfortunately not allowed to let under-aged participants take part.

Students/ trainees

Please bring proof of your status, if you haven't sent it to us yet. Without such proof, you will have to pay the difference against the regular price.

Important info for late payments

In case your payment has not arrived in our account by Wednesday, 24 May 2023, and you do not bring proof or your money order (bank statement), you will have to pay the entire workshop fee (and, if ordered, party tickets) in cash. Your participation is only possible with confirmed payment. In case of your incoming payment overlapping with the beginning of the BB-DanceCamp, you will of course receive your over-paid amount.

You can of course also purchase party tickets for Saturday and Sunday at the check-in. The price is €25 per person.

Please note that at the info-desk you can only pay in cash! Payment with EC cards or credit cards is not possible.


Everyone on the BBDC premises must wear a wristband. This also applies to guests, who can pick up a guest wristband free of charge at the info-desk. Please pass on this information if you invite guests.

Participation at your own risk

Participation in the classes and the dance camp events is at your own risk. This is also true for the participation in the Aerials classes! Of course, there will be paramedics at our Camp. Please have your insurance card or proof of insurance at the ready just in case.


Please mind your valuables! We will not cover your loss. In case you have lost or found something, please talk to our team at the info-desk - there is a lost&found box there. We kindly ask for your understanding that we will not mail lost items after the camp! In case you have lost something, please ask at, if it has been handed in, so that you can pick up your lost treasure.

Filming and photography

You can take pictures and videos for private use only. A violation is a breach of contract and will be prosecuted.

Information on the classes

Class venues

Please look at our schedule and maps to find the venues of your classes. All sports halls except for the “Tanzcenter Payer” can easily be reached on foot from the Sportzentrum in only a few minutes. There are signs showing how to get there.

Level check

The first class on Saturday is a level check, in which you can test, if your chosen class is a perfect fit. There will be no audition. The participants and the teachers decide if your level matches your class. If you think you should switch classes after this first lesson, you can talk to the teachers and then pick up a new wristband at the info-desk. Be honest with yourself here, and don't be afraid to take a step back if you are unsure.

You wil get more informationen during the welcoming session on Saturday.

Dancing shoes / locker rooms

Please enter the sport halls only in dancing shoes without heels. Locker rooms are available at every venue.

Change Partners!

In all classes, except Aerials and Boogie Woogie Competition, we are switching partners. This is because practicing how to lead, or how to follow, works best, if you dance with different partners. Moreover, you will meet a bunch of great people!

Filming in the classes

Registered BBDC participants may – if the teacher gives consent – film class summaries for private use. Please ask the teachers, if they are willing to give you such a summary.

Taster classes

There will be taster classes on a variety of topics. You may choose spontaneously, which one you would like to attend. Topics are outlined below.

Other important information

Camping in tents or caravans

If you haven't done so yet, please register via this form, no matter if you sleep in a tent or camping vehicle.

PLEASE NOTE: Please have a closer look at the maps and make sure you are on the right camping site. There are a few changes this year, as outlined below. The car park right next to the Sportzentrum is reserved exclusively for the Orga team.

You may tent for free on the meadow in front of the indoor ice rink next to the Sportzentrum.

You may park your camper or caravan in the car park "Schlüsselanger" about 5 minutes' walk from the Sportzentrum. You can also get electricity there. There is an additional charge of €5 per vehicle, which you can pay directly at reception on arrival. You will then receive a sign that allows you to park there and use a power connection. There is a maximum of 20 spaces with electricity.

Alternatively, you can use the car park on Rot-Kreuz-Straße without electricity free of charge.

There are showers and washrooms available in the Sportzentrum.


In the foyer in front of the Swing-Diele, you can buy vintage clothes, dancing shoes, and more.


Since the restaurant belonging to the sports centre does not have a new tenant yet, we will cater for you as follows:

Breakfast for campers is organised by us, and has to be pre-booked. Breakfast is available starting 8.30 a.m. Please bring your own dishes if possible.


  • There will be food trucks in front of the Sportzentrum, offering a variety of dishes.
    • LechSchaschlik: Various meat dishes, offered in the bowl or as a wrap, salads and (sweet potato) fries;
    • Siggis: Vegan dishes, such as vegan burgers or sandwiches;
    • Heartroad Café: Tasty coffee specialities and snacks.
  • At our kiosks at the more remote halls, as well as in the Swing-Diele, you can get snacks and drinks.
  • Or you just bring your own food.

We would like to offer cakes in our Swing-Diele during lunch time and in the afternoon. For this, we rely on your cake donations. Whoever brings a cake will receive a voucher for a piece of another cake. If you plan to bring a cake, please let us know in advance via this form. Please read these guidelines in advance, to avoid misunderstandings and disappointment.

For dinner, you have to find your own option. There are numerous restaurants in Landsberg.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the public holidays, all supermarkets will be closed from Saturday noon, or 8 p.m. latest up to and including Monday!

As we will not be able to use the dishes and dishwasher in the Sportzentrum, we kindly also ask you to bring your own cups or glasses if possible, so that we can avoid or at least reduce waste and protect our environment.

General times

From 17:00 Check-in
From 20:00 Friday Hop
09:15-09:45 Welcoming Session
10:00-12:00 Block and Special classes
12:00-13:30 Lunch break
13:30-15:00 Block and Special classes
15:00-15:30 Break
15:30-16:30 Taster or Open Practice
16:30-21:00 Break
From 21:00 Shake that Rhythm Night
10:30-12:00 Block and Special classes
12:00-13:30 Lunch break
13:30-15:00 Block and Special classes
15:00-15:30 Break
15:30-16:30 Taster or Open Practice
16:30-21:00 Break
From 21:00 Sunny Side Hop
10:30-12:00 Block and Special classes
12:00-12:15 Lunch break
12:15-13:45 Block and Special classes
After 13:45 Departure


Site map of the Sportzentrum


Don't miss our parties with great live bands, show acts, and Mix&Match competitions!

A special is Frankie Manning's 109th birthday, which we will celebrate on Friday!

Please note that there is a €10 entrance fee for the Friday Hop this year for once (cash only).

You find more detailed information on our Party page as well as the pages for Shake That Rhythm Night and Sunny Side Hop.

Taster classes

In the taster classes you have the opportunity to try something completely new and different. You can choose the tasters you would like to attend spontaneously on site.

For dancers in the Boogie Tournament or Lindy Intensive classes, we recommend that you use the time for Open Practice instead of the taster classes, in order to repeat and consolidate the topics you have learned. Enjoy working in groups with other participants and actively seek feedback and help from the teachers.

Taster classes in 2023

Taster classes for all


Balboa Beginners – Nathalie and Dominik
Welcome to Balboa! Here you will take your first steps in Balboa, the "smooth" and cool swing dance, which you can dance especially to fast music and which ideally complements your other swing dances.

Stealing – Jessy and Kuschi
Fun guaranteed! Jessy and Kuschi will show funny tips and tricks for partner stealing and practice it with you. You should have a secure basic step (also 8-counts) and like surprises in your dancing.

The only count I know – Tanya and Sondre (for Boogie and Lindy dancers)
In this class, Tanya and Sondre will introduce you to interesting ways to shuffle 6- and 8-count figures, lengthen them, and more.


Shag Beginners – Marion and Julia
This taster class introduces you to the funny and dynamic dance style Collegiate Shag. No previous knowledge required. For Shag teachers, it might also be interesting to see how our teachers structure a beginners class.

Solo Jazz Choreo – Fine Allein
To participate in this class, we recommend you attend the second special class Solo Jazz, as Tamy and Carla want to work with the material from that class and produce a small choreography. If you feel like it, you can also dance this as a short opening number for our evening event. You can decide this flexibly on the spot.

Middle-Camp Recharge – Tanya and Sondre
You danced through 2 days and nights? You feel every bone and muscle in your body? But you still want to dance through Sunday evening? Then this class is perfect for you. Tanya and Sondre have prepared some great exercises to stretch and take care of your stressed body. Please bring a tennis ball or something similar to this class.

Bugg – Lena and Tobias
Bugg could be described as some kind of Nordic disco fox. With fewer steps but a lot of dynamics via leading and following, it can be danced to boogie, but also to modern music. This is your chance to get a first impression.

Taster classes for Boogie dancers


Von Bögen und (Über)Brückerln – Kerstin and Jojo
This class is about music interpretation and how to find simple tools to implement it well in dance.

Dance the Rhyhtm – Carla and Nino
This class focusses on "Rhythm". You will learn how to make rhythm visible in your dancing, and play with it, with your whole body, steps, emphasis, etc. And of course with some small step variations and moves that play with rhythm.

Boogie Slow – Tamy and Andy A.
Slow dancing is not just dancing Boogie to slow music. Tamy and Andy will show you some of the peculiarities of Slow Boogie that should be part of every dancer's repertoire.


Boogie meets Discofox – Rita and Ralf
The fashionable dance of the 80ies meets the fashionable dance of the 50ies and is merrily mixed – a guarantee for lively dancing on the social floor.

He turns, she turns – Maria and Marcus
Maria and Marcus have prepared some “Fancy Spins and Turns” for you, which can be included into changes of place and other figures.

Taster classes for Lindy dancers


"Everybody Leads - Everybody Follows" – Anna and Dominik L.
ELEF – i.e. leaders dance follower roles, and vice versa – is a concept that is now part of the standard class portfolio of the Boogie-Bären, and has proven very popular. Changing roles not only opens up possibilities to get to know and understand the "other side" better, but holds unimagined possibilities to even change roles within a single dance. Be prepared for a lot of fun!


There are no taster classes exclusively for Lindy Hop dancers on Sunday. Just pick one of the taster classes open to dancers of all styles.